About Gaia unlimited

Trans-Formation to Sustain-Ability

Gaiaunlimited.org is a network/platform for individuals and organisations that have as their main focus :

facilitating and supporting the transformation process of groups, big and small.

The Eco-Village Movement (and GEN, Global Eco-Village Network), has gathered for more than 30 years  know-how and experience for sustainable living.

The Transition Town Movement, originating from Totnes, is an example of the growing awareness that sweeps the earth. It has the same focus as Eco-Villagers, the main difference resides in the Transformation of Existing Situations of living.

The Permaculture Movement worldwide is a third sure sign that we are entering the next phase of transitional awareness. Permaculture Design is integrated in many sustainable projects.

The scope of all three movements is expanding into every-day life, into schools,  into local and regional government.

Today, there is a growing need for information and support for those who actually want to DO something.

Gaia Un-limited, as a shared network,  aims at providing this information and support through collectively presenting the possibilities and tools for the desired transformation.

How to proceed from here?

The idea is that professional facilitators can join and each have a page, where they can propose their services and specialties.
Furthermore, each personal page should contain information about languages spoken and eventually geographical limits where they are able/willing to work. Another subject is presentation of experience and examples of past projects.

These facilitators and their organisations can be from anywhere in Europe, which is large enough to start with.

My first invitation is to persons who are willing to brainstorm – by mail – how to set-up the whole thing. How large may the network become, or do we set limits (stupid question), do we set conditions to those who want to join, and what more you can think of.

Personally I can be supportive in the facilitation of the process, but it can only work if sufficient individuals are participating in making the idea into a flowing and floating entity.

Friends have made a basic website, which needs to be put at work. Here is a good start for someone who is willing to support this new network.

There it is. What do you think of it?

Please send you reactions to rolf@gaiaunlimited.org

In Lak’ech,
Rolf Grooten
Tel. 00 31 (0)6 10759765