You are warmly invited to the first training in the Netherlands with John Croft.

During my first encounter in Germany, summer 2008, with the sparkling Dragon Dreaming methodology, my first reaction was: this is truly a transformational method!

What is Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming is an original method to transform ideas into successful projects where creativity and enthusiasm are inevitable.

The method combines the latest insights in Quantum Physics, Systems Theory and the Timeless Wisdom of Ancient Cultures (Aboriginal).

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At my next meeting with John Croft, this summer in Finland, John has agreed to reserve his 2 remaining time slots for 2009 for the Netherlands.

With great pleasure I have worked on the preparation, resulting in the first Introduction training.

This training takes place on November 20, 21 an 22, 2009 in De Vlierhof in Keeken in Germany (just across the border near Nijmegen – Holland).

Classes are taught by John Croft in the English language.

Full details for registration, location and costs, see Attachement Details I;
People from all over Europe are welcome to participate.
The number of participants is limited to 20, and we received already reservations.

Participants can give a presentation of the projects in which they are involved and your own projects can be the subject of training.

Attachment Details II provides some more information on John Croft and Dragon Dreaming.


In 2010, follow-up trainings are planned.

The first will be an Intensive Course, which will last about 5/7 days in which we go deeper into the versatility of the methodology, tailored to current projects of participants. As a result you will be able to initiate or follow-up truly successful projects.

The next training will be a Train-the-Trainer Course, in which participants are trained to provide Dragon Dreaming Training themselves.

The Train-The-Trainer Course will only be accessible to those, who have done the Introduction- or Intensive Course and have practised the methodology.

Given the nature of this training, places will be limited.

See you in De Vlierhof!

With warm regards,

Rolf Grooten
Tel. 00 31 (0) 6 107 59 765

Gaia Unlimited
Platform Sustainable Development

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